Automated Stock Trading Robot

Automated Stock Trading Robot

Article by Vin Hox

Automated Stock Trading Robot

What is stock trading market?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Stock Traders are individuals trading stock or bonds (and possibly other assets ) on the financial markets. They generally try to profit from short term price volatility with trades lasting from several seconds to several weeks. Referring to the “Old” schema of stock markets, an Stock Trader needs a so called Broker such as a bank or a brokerage firm to access the stock market to access the stock market. But the Internet age changed the rules like everywhere else. Using a PC,specialised softwares and Internet, Stock Traders make use of technical analysis and fundamental analysis to help them in the decision-making process. Here it comes out the need of powerful “intelligent” software tools like the one we are describing here.

How does the “Robot” idea came out?

Dr. Robert Finn is a pioneer in the field of “Artificial Neural Networks” and also a professor at Stanford University. His work was principally addressed on researches in the field of”Artificial Intelligence”, and he has developed many successful software until he had this amazing idea. Using all his knowledge in Artificial Intelligence to design and develop a software that could be “trained” to analyse the financial markets and select the best and more lucrative products to invest in.

How does it works?

At the heart of this “Robot” there is a huge data base of so called patterns. You could imagine these patterns like real situations, already verified before in the financial markets, and translated in a computer friendly format. So this big quantity of information is embedded inside the “Robot” and is periodically updated.

When a stock forms one of these stock patterns, they almost always rise… Usually within hours. And though most of these patterns only lead to 20 or 30% gains… They are extremely safe trades.

And so, Each day, the robot downloads data from the stock market. The robot then uses this data to construct a chart of each stock… over the past 7 days.

These charts are then referenced against the encrypted trading patterns… Held in the robot’s database.

If in the last 24 hours a stock has formed a price pattern, which matches one in the robots database…Then the robot will start investigating that particular stock in more detail.

What can The “Robot” Do For You?

You just start the “Robot” when the Stock Market opens and wait..! After A while it will advise you that it founded a Stock at a good price (because the patterns indicates that a low price like this for this Stock was never seen). The next step is to order the “Robot” to buy for you the quantity that you need of that stock. At the end all you have to do is just to wait for the “Robot”‘s next advise that tells you that the price of your stock increased and so you can sell your stock and make your easy money.

To watch a live video demo of a real trader using th Robot and to have some Tips on how to improve your Stock Trading activity
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Automated Stock Trading Robot

Vin Hox is an Computer Engineering Grad Student. Particulary interested in “Artificial Inteligence” applications

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