New The Stock Trading Systems Of The 21st Century

New The Stock Trading Systems Of The 21st Century

Article by Tim Keeley

Any investor that has been paying attention to the recent fluctuations in the world exchange markets are likely quite reticent about the solidity and stability of their holdings. The ride has been very much like a crazy roller coaster that seems unsafe at any speed. The inherent problem, of course, is an irrational brokerage system driven by human emotional responses and “rationalizing” judgments. Add to this the all too human tendency toward engrained subconscious biases and it is little wonder that the market is literally passing many people by, and reacting with the equivalent of fiscal violence.

There are ways, though, to tame the markets, to understand their ebbs and flows with crystal clarity. Essentially, the stock exchanges of the world can be broken down into mathematical algorithms that are easily quantified and assessed through entirely mechanical means. The wave of the future will be through automated stock index trading systems.

Elimination of Human Broker Bias

One of the primary ways that automated trading systems succeed is due to the elimination of the human biases at play in traditional trading systems. It is easy for a human stock exchange broker to say he is not biased, and chances are he really thinks that this is true. The problem is, such biases are completely involuntary and reside strictly in the subconscious. For example, say a particular broker suffered a loss trading in steel derivatives. Twenty years later he may still harbor some subconscious bias against trading in steel derivatives ever again, even if it would be in his (and his client’s) best interests to do so under present market conditions.

Dispassionate Analysis Yields Results

With an automated index trading system, this subconscious human bias is completely removed from the equation, and it is an equation. Automated analysis systems compile all of the trending data in the market looking for patterns and signals that portend future movements and actions. Through this automated analysis, no trend is dismissed through a knee jerk prejudice against one particular stock or for another.

Automatic Index Trading Outperforms Traditional Trading Exponentially

Despite the protestations of the doubters, automated trading systems have outperformed human stock brokers and fund managers exponentially over the past few years, even in these exceedingly harsh market conditions. The reason is that the automated systems are not beholden to any particular ideology or way of thinking. Automated analysis is all about patter recognition, which serves investors well.

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