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Penny stock basics

Penny stocks are those targets for speculators to play with.
There is no rigid rule that tells us when a stock changes from being regular to penny.

It is common to call those trade below $ a penny.

We in Pennystock4me consider it any stock trades below $ 5 with a market cap between 100 – 500 Million.

Most Listed companies that have a big portion of their revenues go to R&D and in the Research phase are considered speculative and sometimes Penny ones.

Of the different sectors, the following sectors have the majority of listed penny.

– Young or New Issue
– Internet
– Bio-Tec

Is there a Holy Grail in investing?

Who said there is no “holy grail” and “magic lamp”,

Yes, there are no such things, but there are their effects.

Ideally a Golden penny stock, which worth investing will have a net asset value per share that is higher than the share price itself, which will help the company survive through bad times and could push forward.

For the Golden penny stocks you must be able to foresee growth in stocks rather than reflect trends.

Try to dig and discover hidden values and untold stories in the underlying penny stocks.

To find the right penny, you will need to answer the following questions:

1- How the company makes its money?

2- How professional is its management.

3- Asses the company cash position.

4- What could make a boom in this company?

5- Institutional ownership?

The most important factor in selecting any company is that you can easily understand the business and the story behind the company.

Let us Take one Free Penny and consider how to think of it?


Fair value $ 6

Short term target (Dec 2012) $ 3.6

52W hi-low has been $ 5.97 – $ 1.73.

Based in Westminster, CO, with about 150 employees, this drug maker has 106 million shares outstanding, $ 96.15 million in total current assets, $ 103.3 million in total assets, little debt, and $ 16.68 million in total liabilities. Institutional ownership is around 87%. Four analysts rate the stock a “strong buy” and four have it as a “hold”.

Founded in 1994, and public for over ten years, Allos develops and sells anti-cancer therapeutics.

Its main product is FOLOTYN (pralatrexate injection), a folate inhibitor for treating patients with relapsed or refractory peripheral T-cell lymphoma and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma;

and FOLOTYN is the first and only FDA-approved drug in the U.S.

for treating this condition. Allos is expanding FOLOTYN’s uses as it also offers the product as a single agent and in combination therapy regimens in various hematologic malignancies and solid tumor indications, including breast and bladder cancer.

The company has a strategic collaboration agreement with Mundipharma International for the co-development of FOLOTYN.

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We are a team of professional Market analysts and portfolio managers with ten plus years of experience trading international markets, we put our money where our mouth is.

We are just moving from doing our business offline to do it online.

We help our clients with providing them with not just stock picks but also a complete investment strategy with timing, allocation, risk control and volatility management
 Penny stocks do not have to be highly volatile. People get rich everyday playing penny stocks. This method has made millionaires. It’s a simple recipe that you cannot afford to miss. A company will put out a press release that will drive up the volume of the stock. A few days pass and volume is still above average but fleeting. The company then pays a third party pumper to begin promoting the stock… The pumpers tip off the investors on their paid list. The investors invest, the pumpers drive hype for the stock and the company sends out another press release with good news. You get in, get you profit and get out and leave the bag holders holding the stock…..It’s that easy…..Time to get onboard….

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