Penny Stocks Listing & How to Find The Stocks You Want

Just as with any other stocks, penny stocks are also listed. There are two types of listings for penny stocks. Over the counter lists are lists of stocks that are not listed on major stock exchanges because they do not usually meet the minimum requirements to be listed. Over the counter lists are lists that are collected based on requirements such as size, gross income or profit and the dollar value per share.

There is also a secondary set of lists that come with penny stocks and that is the list that provides stocks that were at one point on the major stock exchanges but dropped below the acceptable minimums. They do have the potential of returning the major stock lists. So there can be a greater opportunity for profit but these stocks can sometimes have a greater risk overall than the stocks that have never made it to the major lists.

These lists are readily available just as the major stock exchange lists can be found online or through a local stock broker. There are some services that deal strictly in penny stocks and may provide you with greater deal about the penny stock listing you are interested in. There are many lists based on the various criteria that determine the basic guidelines. There are minimum and maximums in share prices as well as in the dynamics of the company itself. Each level or bracket is going to have a listing of its own.

Penny stocks are a great way to earn an extra income, you can even successfully create an entire income off penny stocks but you must have the listing just as with any other stock. These are vital part of the stock market and becoming an investor on any level. It is the first thing to look for when attempting to decide what companies to invest in and what stocks to look at. Past lists can show you the movement of market as a whole as well as the fluctuations of a single stock. There are services and sites that provide the various over the counter lists that make up the penny stock market. If you are looking to diversify, consider the option of looking at not just the standard lists but also the penny stock listing for the major stock exchanges.

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