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Sources: Angels Likely To Land Free Agent Outfielder Crawford

Kareem Shaker – AHN Sports Reporter Lake Buena Vista, FL, United States (AHN) – After being courted by the Yankees, Red Sox, and other teams, several sources claimed top free agent outfielder Carl Crawford is close to signing with the Los Angeles Angels. The general consensus around this week’s Winter Meetings among players and executives […]

A Novice’s Guide to Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are inexpensive stocks for investors that like to speculate, and these stocks or shares are dealt with in the over the counter (OTC) marketplace. As per Securities and Exchange Commission of United States, the highest cost of the penny stocks is specified at 5 dollars per share and in actual fact the price of these stocks or shares is well below this and now and again a nominal one cent. Although the penny stocks are commonly traded in the OTC, still these can also be dealt at New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ.