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Automated Forex Trading System

Automated Forex Trading System Article by Shannon Pentony If you are interested in forex trading or currency trading you may have already using automated forex trading systems or have heard of these types of systems. Forex trading is a very lucrative market and it is the largest financial market in the world. Forex trading is […]

Automated Stock Trading Robot

by Mike Licht, Automated Stock Trading Robot Article by Vin Hox Automated Stock Trading Robot What is stock trading market? For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Stock Traders are individuals trading stock or bonds (and possibly other assets ) on the financial markets. They generally try to profit from short term price […]

Penny Stock Investing

Learn the difference between micro-cap stocks and the more conventional blue-chip and mid-cap investments…

Buying Penny Stocks For The Novice

Buying penny stocks, although it can be highly profitable, can also be very risky. The amount of risk involved can be significantly lowered by thoroughly researching the stocks you are interested in, but the research can be very difficult and time consuming. There is a new computer “bot” that has been created that analyzes penny stocks thorough in-depth mathematical analysis and by doing so dramatically decreases the risks and increases the profits from buying penny stocks, while greatly simplifying the work of choosing what stocks to buy and when.

News Analysis: Sitting Out the China Trade Battles

Western companies, eager for access to China, are loath to cry foul even amid evidence that Beijing may be flouting international trade laws. View full post on Business Stories

Analysis: G-20 words on currency must bring action

Finance ministers of the Group of 20 nations this weekend did no more than paper over the radically different views on currencies of the two main protaganists – the U.S. and China. View full post on Business Stories

Increase Your Profit by Stock Trading

Stock trading technical analysis isn’t something you can only find in a computer program – it’s done by hand by lots of people in all kinds of fields every day, from day traders to mutual fund management personnel. However, it can also take a lot of time and effort to do, which is why so […]

Trading Indian Stock Market Using Technical Analysis

This article is for those who are already familiar with technical analysis and want to fine tune their trading methods in the Indian stock market.

Stock Market Investing Made Easy

Investing in stocks could be really fruitful, provided the investor made his choices very clear. Why, one must invest in stocks? The simple answer is to make money and secure your future. However, there could be a lot of reasons for investing in stock market.

Penny Stocks to Watch – Developing Your Own List of Penny Stocks to Watch

Before you’re suckered by another online scam, learn how to create your own hot list of penny stocks to watch. It takes three steps.