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Authorities ban all hard liquor sales as methanol laced bootleg booze kills 20 people in Czech Republic

A total ban of hard-liquor sales in the Czech Republic which began last Friday remains strictly in place after the death of 20 people by methanol laced bootleg alcohol. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

California court bars sale of Samsung tablet in U.S.

Fourth Estate Cooperative Staff San Jose, CA, United States (4E) – A federal court in California has issued an injunction against the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh issued the relief sought by Apple Inc. on Tuesday evening citing that the Samsung product likely infringes on the […]

Supreme Court ends Montana ban on corporate spending for political candidates

The Supreme Court on Monday overturned a 1912 Montana Supreme Court ruling banning corporate spending on political candidates saying it violates companies’ constitutional right to free speech. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

India partially lifts cotton export ban

Following protests by its biggest customer China, growers and traders, India on Monday partially lifted the one-week-old ban on cotton exports. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

Ban on bureaucrat investments rocks bourse in Bangladesh

Saleem Samad – AHN News Correspondent Dhaka, Bangladesh (AHN) – Thousands of small investors took to the streets in Bangladesh Wednesday after the country’s stock index dipped to 4695.57 points, losing 168.72 points or 3.46 percent, at the close of trading. As the index tumbled inside, outside the Dhaka Stock Exchange building investors protesting retail […]

The Narrow Scope of Tomorrow’s Hearing on California’s Anti-Gay Marriage Law

Marriage equality is on a long and winding road in California. As the Los Angeles Times notes today, the California Supreme Court ruled 4 to 3 in 2008 that the state ban on gay marriage violated the State’s own Constitution. View full post on Business Stories

European quartet bans short selling

France, Italy, Spain and Belgium ban all short selling of financial stocks for 15 days in response to sharp share price falls this week, but they failed to convince other regulators to go along with an EU-wide prohibition View full post on UK Business Stories

EU farm-product ban adds to Egypt’s woes

The Media Line Staff Cairo, Egypt David Rosenberg – Egypt’s economy, whose main exports have been battered by strikes and political uncertainty, took another blow this week after the European Union blamed a deadly outbreak of E. coli infections on Egyptian fenugreek seeds and imposed a temporary ban on some of the country’s farm exports. […]

Las Vegas on track for third place among world’s gambling meccas

Ever since Singapore overturned a casino ban and opened the nation to Las Vegas-style casino resorts in 2005, financial analysts have predicted its eventual dominance as one of the world’s biggest gaming markets. Singapore would quickly overtake the Strip in two to three years, they said. View full post on Business Stories

BP battles to scrap ban on Rosneft deal

A TRIBUNAL was last night studying evidence from BP in its attempt to lift part of the injunction blocking its controversial tie-up with Russia’s Rosneft. View full post on Business Stories