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Iceland to repay Britain $3.45 billion debt due to Icesave Bank failure

Iceland will start repaying a $3.45 billion (EUR 2.6 billion) from Britain in 2016. Reykjavik owed the amount to London after the online Icesave Bank failed two years ago. View full post on Banking Stories

Madoff Trustee Files 2nd Lawsuit For $9 Billion Against HSBC

In a span of one week, the court-appointed trustee of Bernard Madoff filed two lawsuits against major banks in a bid to recover money for Madoff’s victims. On Sunday, Irving Picard filed the second lawsuit for $9 billion against HSBC Holdings. View full post on Banking Stories

Madoff Trustee Files $6.4 Billion Lawsuit Against JPMorgan

A lawyer appointed as a trustee by a New York bankruptcy court filed a $6.4 billion lawsuit Thursday against JPMorgan Chase. Irving Picard said he filed the case because JPMorgan is the primary banker of Bernard Madoff and must carry some responsibility for the losses of the imprisoned con man’s victims. View full post on […]

Potash Corporation Plans Buyback Of $2 Billion Stock

AHN News Staff Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (AHN) – Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan announced Tuesday it will buy back $2 billion worth of its stocks from shareholders. The announcement followed Ottawa’s decision to reject a $40 billion takeover of Potash by Australian mining giant BHP Billiton. With the repurchase and cancellation of millions of common shares, […]

Osborne Pledges $10.5 Billion Assistance To Ireland

AHN News Staff Brussels, Belgium (AHN) – Despite Ireland’s insistence that Dublin still has sufficient cash and does not need an international bailout now, British Chancellor George Osborne pledged Wednesday to provide Ireland with $10.5 billion (GBP7 billion) in assistance. Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, but Britain has other reasons to extend […]

Fed’s $600 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan Drives Stocks Up

Windsor Genova – AHN News News Writer New York, NY, United States (AHN) – The Federal Reserve’s announcement to buy $600 billion in bonds to stimulate the economy sent global markets rallying and U.S. stocks surging on Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was back in the same height before the crash of Lehman Brothers […]

Report: Brazil’s IT Spending To Hit $101.3 Billion In 2010

Jeehan Fernandez – AHN News Writer Sao Paulo, Brazil (AHN) – End-user spending in Brazil for information technology services is expected to reach $101.3 billion in 2010, according to Gartner, Inc., a leading IT research and advisory firm. “Representing 9.6 percent of the country’s real gross domestic product (GDP), this IT-spending-to-real-GDP-ratio is above the average […]