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Iceland to repay Britain $3.45 billion debt due to Icesave Bank failure

Iceland will start repaying a $3.45 billion (EUR 2.6 billion) from Britain in 2016. Reykjavik owed the amount to London after the online Icesave Bank failed two years ago. View full post on Banking Stories

British Chamber Of Commerce Forecasts 1.9 Percent Economic Expansion In 2011

AHN News Staff London, England, United Kingdom (AHN) – The British Chamber of Commerce forecast over the weekend a 1.9 percent economic expansion for the country in 2011. It is actually a downgrade from the chamber’s September prediction of a 2.2 percent gross domestic product growth rate. The BCC explained the less rosy outlook to […]

Britain’s Budget Office Forecasts Inflation To Outpace Income Growth

AHN News Staff London, England, United Kingdom (AHN) – Britain’s Office for Budget Responsibility warned Monday that the country’s inflation rate would likely outpace income growth over the next two years. The OBR forecasts 2011 inflation rate at 2.8 percent, while average earnings will rise by only 2.2 percent. The higher Consumer Price Index outlook […]

Share Prices Of British Banks Dip On News Of Call For Irish Election

AHN News Staff Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom (AHN) – British banks lost a lot of money Tuesday because of the news that the Green party called for a general election in Ireland by end of January. The call for election sparked fears that the government of Prime Minister Brian Cowen might collapse before the $105 […]

Osborne Pledges $10.5 Billion Assistance To Ireland

AHN News Staff Brussels, Belgium (AHN) – Despite Ireland’s insistence that Dublin still has sufficient cash and does not need an international bailout now, British Chancellor George Osborne pledged Wednesday to provide Ireland with $10.5 billion (GBP7 billion) in assistance. Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, but Britain has other reasons to extend […]

Britain Plans To Make All 26 Million Homes Green In Next 10 Years

AHN News Staff London, England, United Kingdom (AHN) – British Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne announced Tuesday a plan that would make all 26 million homes in the country green over the next 10 years. Under the New Green Deal, local councils, supermarkets and chain stores would extend loans up to $15,000 (10,000 […]

Commission casts its net wide

If you want an idea of just how wide the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) intends to cast its intellectual net on what should be done to reform Britain’s financial system, you need only take a look at the back pages of its first report. View full post on UK Business Stories

Stock Market Indices and the Stock Exchange

The stock exchange is a development of the old market place. Stocks are traded on it. All listed stocks with their values generate a stock market index number. Its a number that denotes the financial health of the company. Stock indices all over the world generate numbers and are a bench mark for investments.