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Ahead of Thanksgiving, GM Announces $163 Million Plan To Save 164 Jobs

Ayinde O. Chase – AHN News Editor Detroit, MI, United States (AHN) – Some General Motors workers and their families have extra reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving holiday. The automaker announced a $163.2-million investment in its operations in Flint and Bay City, Michigan, and Defiance, Ohio, to support engine production of three of its […]

Why Does the Stock Market Price Rise and Fall?

The question about what moves the stock market is quite complicated. There are several visible and invisible factors that cause the rise and fall in stock market.

Lists of 5 Well Performing Penny Stocks

There are many analysts of the financial situations or standing of the penny stocks. Getting a reliable source for the lists of all penny stocks with perfect or upward movement is seen to be the first thing that needs to be considered than the product offers that they have. Being able to do this, you will be able to know that the information that you get is really good for you to follow. Complete lists of all penny stocks

Stock Market Entering a New Bull Market

My take on the stock market changed last week, because I started to buy and recommend some stocks, something I haven’t done in a long time. The economy is still bad and I don’t see any signs of a real recovery yet and certainly not a sustainable economic expansion, but it appears that the stock market is just going to keep going higher anyway. I do not need to know why to make money.