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Egypt’s new president faces lengthy economic agenda

The Media Line Staff Cairo, Egypt David Rosenberg (The Medi – Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Morsi, could take some pleasure in seeing the Egyptian Stock Exchange rise in the days after the news of his election victory became known. The Egyptian Stock Exchange posted a power rally, with its EGX 30 index tacking on 11 […]

Plunging Foreign Reserves Pose New Threat to Egypt

The Media Line Staff Cairo, Egypt (The Media Line) – Egypt’s political and economic clocks are running on dangerously different speeds: While Egyptians make repeat visits to the polls over the next three months to elect a new government and debate the future of their country under Islamist rule, the country’s foreign currency reserves are […]

Is the Arab world poised for a growth spurt?

The Media Line Staff Cairo, Egypt David Rosenberg / The Med – The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) could enjoy a period of rapid economic growth if the countries of the region seize on the Arab Spring upheavals to undertake political and economic reforms, a report by London-based Capital Economics says. The Arab world […]

EU farm-product ban adds to Egypt’s woes

The Media Line Staff Cairo, Egypt David Rosenberg – Egypt’s economy, whose main exports have been battered by strikes and political uncertainty, took another blow this week after the European Union blamed a deadly outbreak of E. coli infections on Egyptian fenugreek seeds and imposed a temporary ban on some of the country’s farm exports. […]

Investors Eye Egypt Even as Politics, Economy Remain Shaky

The Media Line Staff Cairo, Egypt (TML) – There’s bloody sectarian violence, privatization deals are being rescinded, businessmen are being jailed and the prospects of short term economic growth remain dim. But even as the country is gripped by political and economic distress, foreign investors are taking a surprisingly positive view on Egypt. Financial investors, […]