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Fitch downgrades Greek sovereign debt

Linda Young – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer Athens, Greece (4E) – Fitch Ratings downgraded the credit rating of Greece’s government again on Thursday. Greece’s credit rating dropped from a B- to a CCC, which puts it deeper into junk bond territory. That means many investors cannot buy Greek debt even if they thought it was […]

Volcker Beckers: A carbon tax kills incentives for power generators to invest in greener fuels

The head of npower cannot understand how a tax on carbon emissions will act as a stimulus for new and more investments in greener energy as the Government prepares to consult on electricity market reforms. View full post on UK Business Stories

7 Steps To Your Own Stock Market Mission Statement

Before investing in the stock market and before getting married you must make it a point to sit down and write out a “Mission Statement”. If you don’t, tax on wealth and death of health are inevitable. Here is what your stock market mission should look like (we’ll tackle your Marriage Mission in another piece):