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Apple’s market cap surpasses $500 billion

Diane Alter – AHN News Reporter New York, NY, United States (AHN) – Apple’s stock market value topped $ 500 billion on Wednesday in what marks a new high for the world’s most valuable company. The $ 500 billion, or half-trillion dollar valuation, puts Apple in extremely exclusive territory. Apple is now one of the […]

The Penny Stock Problem

Penny stocks, also commonly referred to as small-cap stocks, are loosely defined as a stock with a share price below $5. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines them as such, however, penny stocks are often defined as a stock with a share price below $1 by those in the investor community.

Penny Stocks Online – You Must Avoid Fraud to Profit With Penny Stocks Online

You must learn how to identify potential fraud when trading penny stocks online. Penny stocks are volatile and speculative, making them ripe for artificial manipulation.

How to Turn Pennies Into Millions With Penny Stocks

In the stock market, there’s a high risk, high reward way to make lots of money. Investing in Penny Stocks.

Penny Stock Investing And Trading

In the financial market of U.S., penny stock are common stocks that have low per share price. The trading process of penny stocks includes share prices for less than $5. Penny stock stakes the provisional security of small companies regardless of market capitalization or its trading process such as it trades on over the counter listing service: Pink Sheets or OTCBB or on a securitized exchange like NASDAQ or NYSE.

What Kind of Exposure Should an Investor Have?

When you are looking at how much of your portfolio is made up of small cap stocks it will depend on a few things and it will be unique to your situation. One thing to consider is your time horizon; if you need your money to come out in a year or two, then it […]

Research Driven Investor Number 1 Online Stock Newsletter

An unprecedented knowledge of penny stocks and a solid background in the finance has built a firm foundation for one of the most unique services available for investors on the internet. Small cap investors and penny stock enthusiasts alike will benefit from a subscription to this one of a kind stock newsletter. With the available […]

What are Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are those companies with shares trading less than $5 a share and trading on the otc exchange. Sometimes instead of the word penny stock, microcap, small cap or nanocap is used. Most penny stocks have a market cap of less the $500M and are speculative stocks. Penny stocks may trade infrequently which means […]

Penny stock Guide

Penny stocks are generally very uncertain and volatile investments, an investor can make in present day financial markets. With correct decision management techniques, one can simply gain the advantages of large percentage swings, without really putting in your complete investment at risk. Such stocks usually have market cap below $500M and are very speculative, especially […]

Penny Stock Picks

Penny stock picks are the top listing stocks among penny stocks. Penny stocks, otherwise known as small cap stocks and micro cap stocks, refer to stocks that are sold for less than one dollar per share.