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Resources stocks damp mood in Asia

Asian shares fluctuated as resources stocks fell on lower commodity prices, while Japanese utility shares remained under pressure with Tokyo struggling to contain the nuclear crisis in Fukushima View full post on UK Business Stories

Biggest commodity hedge fund loses $400m in oil slide

World’s largest commodity hedge fund is the biggest of several big hedge funds believed to be reeling after the recent unexpected sell-off View full post on UK Business Stories

Midwest farmland value on the rise

Farmland values have reached all-time highs in Iowa as growing global demand for America’s agriculture products have helped to push commodity prices to levels farmers can smile about, agriculture expe View full post on Business Stories

Asian investors lock in profits on commodity stocks

Stock markets were softer as investors locked in profits on commodity shares’ recent sharp gains, with sentiment also darkened by an uptick in US jobless claims View full post on UK Business Stories

Commodities: will there be a comedown after this sugar rush?

This autumn has seen the second dash to buy the soft commodity in the past 12 months but will it again be followed by a sharp correction? View full post on UK Business Stories

How Does Commodity Futures Day Trading Work?

What is commodity futures day-trading? Day-trading strategies are unique mechanical methods for entering a liquid commodity market early in the trading day and exiting some time later in the same day for a profit.

Psychology of Risk in Commodity Trading & Forex Trading

The psychology of risk in commodity trading is not that often of an issue discussed. I want to share an interview with my colleague Martin Bedick. Martin Bedick on the Psychology of Risk in Trading <img src=”” alt=”bedick” title=”bedick” width=”150″ height=”165″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-886″ /> AJ: Martin, one of your main interests has been the […]