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CFD Trading and Stock Trading Face-Off

CFD Trading and Stock Trading Face-Off Article by Steve H A trader faces the same recurring question when he has investment alternatives to choose from. Which is better between the two- CFD trading or stock trading?There are no strict conventions to it as both stocks and CFDs have their features that make them better or […]

Forex Day Trading – Is it Right For You?

Forex day trading is something that appeals to a lot of forex traders and it’s easy to see why. Currencies trade in quite a wide range every single trading day so there are always good profits to be made. However forex day trading is definitely not for everyone.

Currency Day Trading- The 20 Day Plan

For currency day trading to succeed there must be a plan. New traders often have a problem sticking to it. This article sets out a 20 day plan covering 4 trading weeks to help the newer trader divide each day into 3 segments which will provide grounding in profitable trading methods.

Day Trading Systems – How to Make Big Consistent Profits

How do you pick a day treading system that makes big consistent profits and look at day trading systems that can help you win. So, how can you pick the best day trading system to help you make big consistent profits? Let’s find out.

Day Trading Methods – Who Makes Big Profits at Day Trading?

If you look at the amount of day trading systems and methods on the web you would think there would be a lot of people making a lot of money. The fact however is day trading methods don’t work and day trading is NOT a way to make profits, its a way to wipe your trading equity out quickly.

Forex Day Trading – The Biggest Myth of Day Trading Is You Can Make Money At It!

Day trading systems are everywhere, but it is impossible to make money from them – for 2 main reasons which are outlined below. If you think you can make money day trading, you need to think again and read the facts below.

Forex Day Trading Vs Longer Term Forex Trading Strategies – Combine Both For More Profits

In recent trading times, more and more traders are switching to forex day trading as it promises more immediate profits. However, what most traders miss these days is that it is more important to get consistent profits instead of just immediate gains. But why not have both if you can?

Your Stop Loss Is Critical When Day Trading Futures

Stop loss orders are great insurance policies that cost you nothing and can save you a fortune. They are used to sell or buy at a specified price and greatly reduce the risk you take when you buy or sell a futures contract. Stop loss orders will automatically execute when the price specified is hit, […]