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Palestinian Financial Crisis Boosts Support for Hamas

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is suffering an intensifying financial crisis that is threatening its stability and strengthening the rival Islamist Hamas. Palestinian security officials warn that if the international community fails to pay its pledges to the PA, it will not be able to pay salaries in the coming months. Article © AHN – All […]

Europe Stocks Drop as ECB Loans Fail to Ease Debt-Crisis Concern

European stocks fell for the first time in three days as lenders sought more funds from the European Central Bank than economists had predicted, reducing optimism that the debt crisis will be contained. View full post on Finance Stories

Egyptian stocks extend losses as crisis grows

The growing political crisis in Egypt panicked investors Tuesday, leading auithorities to temporarily suspend trading on the country’s stock exchange. View full post on Canada Business Stories

Merkel rejects debt crisis proposals

German chancellor says EU’s €440bn rescue fund is big enough and that the bloc’s treaties does not allow for the creation of a Europe-wide bond View full post on UK Business Stories

Europe’s leaders at odds over bond plan

Europe’s leaders face fresh splits over how to tackle the eurozone’s crisis after being urged to create a market for joint European government bonds View full post on UK Business Stories

Ireland in debt crisis talks with EU

Officials of debt-burdened Ireland’s government are in talks with other European Union governments about how to handle its troubled finances, but denied they needed a bailout from an EU rescue fund. View full post on Canada Business Stories

Narrow the U.S. Income Gap to Stave Off Another Financial Crisis

Rising income inequality presents long-term problems for the economy, says columnist Chris Farrell View full post on Finance Stories