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Trying to figure out automated forex trading?

Trying to figure out automated forex trading? Today many people are using the automated forex trading system to make easy money. The whole thing works the same way as you would trade for stocks in the exchange. The only difference here is the trading of currency to make profits in the whole process of trading. […]

Automated Forex Trading – Peak Forex Trading Market Hours Guide

Automated Forex Trading – Peak Forex Trading Market Hours Guide Article by auto currency trading Since the introduction of automated currency trading, trading at Forex markets has become much lucrative than ever. Unlike stock markets, Forex markets are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. To maximize your profits by trading at Forex […]

The Arena of Automated Forex Trading System

The Arena of Automated Forex Trading System Article by Tomasz Gimorowski Before we answer that question, let us first figure out how large Fx trading market is. From that point, assist you to are aware of the need for automated systems regarding Forex market trading. It’s true made by the Forex is a largest market […]

Yen Intervention Failing as Best Currency Poised to Advance

There’s been no better currency in 2011 than the yen and strategists forecast more gains, even as Japan promises to intervene again in foreign-exchange markets and expands the world’s biggest debt burden. View full post on Finance Stories

US Senate passes China yuan bill

The US Senate votes through a bill which aims to punish china for keeping its currency artificially undervalued. View full post on Business Stories

Investors Eye Egypt Even as Politics, Economy Remain Shaky

The Media Line Staff Cairo, Egypt (TML) – There’s bloody sectarian violence, privatization deals are being rescinded, businessmen are being jailed and the prospects of short term economic growth remain dim. But even as the country is gripped by political and economic distress, foreign investors are taking a surprisingly positive view on Egypt. Financial investors, […]

India To Name Pakistan As Fake Currency Offender In FATF, IMF

AHN News Staff New Delhi, India (AHN) – India is going to launch a diplomatic offensive against Pakistan for the latter’s alleged involvement in printing fake Indian currency notes (FICNs) to “overthrow” the Indian economy. The Indian government is soon going to take up the case of FICNs with various financial agencies around the world, […]

Analysis: G-20 words on currency must bring action

Finance ministers of the Group of 20 nations this weekend did no more than paper over the radically different views on currencies of the two main protaganists – the U.S. and China. View full post on Business Stories

Currency wars are necessary if all else fails

The overwhelming fact of the global currency system is that America needs a much weaker dollar to bring its economy back into kilter and avoid slow ruin, yet the rest of the world cannot easily handle the consequences of such a wrenching adjustment. There is not enough demand to go around. View full post on […]

Currency war a ‘threat’ warns IMF

Global currency wars pose “a real threat” to economic recovery, the head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, warns. View full post on Business Stories