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Spain announces deep austerity, new taxes

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced on Wednesday that his government will implement a €65bn ($ 79bn) worth of spending cuts in a major effort to reach budget-deficit goals that were agreed with the troubled country’s European partners. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

Daytrading Penny Stocks Made Simple

by juicyrai Daytrading Penny Stocks Made Simple Article by Stock Robot Daytrading Penny Stocks Made Simple Because of so many people searching for the stock exchange in an effort to earn money, it really is vital that you take a while and extremely learn your work prior to going diving into something you are truly […]

DealBook: European Banks Hunt for Ways to Increase Capital

As many of the Continent’s banks face increased financing costs and limited access to much-needed cash, they are selling assets and raising interest rates on customers in an effort to bolster their balance sheets. View full post on Business Stories

Markets boosted by bank liquidity move

Rate charged for international access to dollars is slashed in an effort to counter a deepening credit squeeze in the eurozone View full post on UK Business Stories

New bank rules would protect firms whose collapse would damage larger economy

Bank regulators are planning a fresh wave of rules for the world’s most important financial companies in an effort to ensure that firms considered “too big to fail” are better protected from collapse — and that taxpayers are insulated from the fallout if they do. View full post on Business Stories