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EU opens investigations into Motorola patents

The European Union has launched two investigations into Motorola’s patents after Apple and Microsoft filed complaints that it had tried to block their sales. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

EU Investigates e-Book Pricing

Apple Inc. is currently under the radar as the European Union’s antitrust team is investigating if the technology giant unlawfully enabled five publishers hike e-book prices in 2010. View full post on Business Stories

Euro hits two-month high as financial jitters ease

NEW YORK: The euro hit two-month highs against the US dollar on Monday on growing optimism the European Union was getting to grips with its financial and sovereign debt crisis. View full post on Business Stories

HSBC To Double Basic Banker Pay In Advance Of EU Bonus Restrictions

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. plans to double the basic pay of senior investment banks to get around tightening European Union rules on bonus payouts. Those who will benefit from the scheme are HSBC bankers in London, New York and Hong Kong. View full post on Banking Stories

Ireland in debt crisis talks with EU

Officials of debt-burdened Ireland’s government are in talks with other European Union governments about how to handle its troubled finances, but denied they needed a bailout from an EU rescue fund. View full post on Canada Business Stories