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Currency wars are necessary if all else fails

The overwhelming fact of the global currency system is that America needs a much weaker dollar to bring its economy back into kilter and avoid slow ruin, yet the rest of the world cannot easily handle the consequences of such a wrenching adjustment. There is not enough demand to go around. View full post on […]

Forex – The Best Instrument to Day Trade With

To be specific, the actual phenomenon of Forex trading is not the fact that there are more and more people turning to it as an investment opportunity, nor is it the fact that it has been growing steadily for the past few years. It isn’t even the fact that more and more investors cropping up from all sectors of society.

The Penny Stock Market

The penny stock market is vicious, lucrative, and captivating. The draw for first-time buyers is usually their price, which typically runs well below $5 per share.  This financial fluidity means that not only do penny stocks sell OTC (outside of the NASDAQ and similar arenas), but they also trade at lightning speeds. Still, savvy investors […]

Forex Day Trading 101 – Important Facts for Novice Traders

This article is for novice traders and we are going to look at 3 facts which are all you need to know to decide whether day trading is right for you. So let’s continue and review our forex trading 101 continues below…

Forex Day Trading – How To Lose Your Account Equity Quickly

I read a lot of material from e-book sellers and others about forex day trading and how easy it is, but these guys have probably never traded in their lives. The fact is if you want to make money don’t day trade, you will lose your equity. Here we will look at why.