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Israel’s jobless rate falls, but economists refrain from cheering

The Media Line Staff Jerusalem, Israel David Rosenberg / The Med – Israel’s unemployment rate dropped to a preliminary 5 percent in October, capping a steady decline of two-and-a-half years to its lowest rates since the late 1980s, but even the government’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) was quick to discount the importance of the […]

Judge rejects Monorail plan to emerge from bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Judge Bruce Markell in Las Vegas on Friday rejected the Las Vegas Monorail’s latest plan to emerge from bankruptcy, saying its own numbers show it would be encumbered with twice as much debt as the Monorail is worth. View full post on Business Stories

ANC: Americans stole from PBMR

The US nuclear energy company Westinghouse, which had a stake in the defunct pebble bed modular rector, has been accused of theft by ANC members. View full post on Finance Stories

Hamas Warns Against Buying Cars Imported From Israel

The Media Line Staff Gaza, Palestinian Territory (TML) – The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip is warning local politicians, government officials and faction leaders against buying cars imported from Israel for fear they may contain eavesdropping equipment or even remote-activated bombs planted by Israeli security agencies. Ihab Ghossein, a spokesman for Hamas’ Ministry of […]

Global food risk from China-Russia pincer

China becomes a net importer of corn for the first time in modern history and Russia’s drought inflicts more damage than expected. View full post on UK Business Stories

Penny stock blunders its way to First-ever profit.: An article from: Arkansas Business

Product DescriptionThis digital document is an article from Arkansas Business, published by Journal Publishing, Inc. on February 10, 2003. The length of the article is 1547 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately […]

Benefit from Trading With Trading Penny Stocks

Where to find penny stocks is usually the first question that is posed by those who consider investing in such stocks or by those who are new to the stock trading business. Buy penny stocks are cheaper by a wide margin by nature. This is because these types of actions are usually offered by companies […]