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Merkel rejects debt crisis proposals

German chancellor says EU’s €440bn rescue fund is big enough and that the bloc’s treaties does not allow for the creation of a Europe-wide bond View full post on UK Business Stories

‘Resilient’ Ackman back again

Hedge fund founder takes on General Growth and Fortune Brands When activist investor Bill Ackman makes his case, he unleashes facts so rapidly that a New York Times columnist calculated he once plowed through 145 PowerPoint slides in an hour. View full post on Business Stories

Jazz Air plans conversion to corporation

Halifax-based Jazz Air Income Fund has announced plans to convert from an income trust into a dividend-paying corporation. View full post on Canada Business Stories

New Year’s Resolutions For Stock Market Investors

Stephen Whiteside is the CEO of the online stock market timing service, that provides Investors with daily, weekly and monthly trend analysis, buy & sell signals, price targets, support & resistance price levels, and Smart Money Alerts, on over 1,500 leading North American companies listed on the TSX, NYSE, and the NASDAQ.

Neil Woodford: ‘be patient and selective’

The star fund manager considers where you should invest. View full post on UK Business Stories

Hot Penny Stock Pick – How to Pick Great Stocks

Buy Companies You Like Legendary fund manager Peter Lynch (managed Fidelity Magellan Fund) says to look for companies you like to do business with. If you like to eat at Mcdonalds, buy Mcdonalds stock. If you like to buy furniture from R.C. Willey, buy R.C. Willey stock. This approach will help steer you clear of […]

Stock Technical Analysis

I receive emails from Morningstar. This company provides statistics and analysis of just about every publicly traded stock company you can think of as well as voluminous information on mutual funds around the world. Click to Get Best Penny Stock Pick Program You can ask them about a company’s sales, management, marketing plan, their performance […]