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Palestine Exchange to list its own shares

The Media Line Staff Palestinian Territory David Rosenberg / The Med – The Palestine Exchange (PEX), which makes a market for shares in 46 local companies with a combined market capitalization of $ 2.9 billion, is on its way to becoming a publicly traded stock itself. Shares in the PEX will begin trading on the […]

Euro banks agree to slash Greek debt by 50%

Markets reacted positively to two major deals cut by eurozone ministers which are expected to address the eurozone debt crisis and avert a possible second global financial crisis. View full post on Banking Stories

Israel’s Housing Prices Jumping Through the Roof

The Media Line Staff Tel Aviv, Israel (TML) – Housing prices in Israel are the fastest increasing in the world, says one industry watchdog. The cost of real estate has risen by 30 percent since September 2008 according to Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fisher. Young couples and everyday Israelis are finding it harder to […]