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Government acts on payday loan worries

The government is in discussions with the industry to ensure that the vulnerable are protected from unscrupulous lending practices View full post on UK Business Stories

Gilt yields fall as UK becomes haven

Government borrowing costs fell to historic lows of 2.106% as investors sought the safety of gilts because of fears over Italy and the eurozone View full post on UK Business Stories

Europe backs Britain’s ‘Plan A’ for the economy

Brussels has told the Government to stick to its strategy to shrink the budget deficit, warning against any “slippage” from the planned cuts. View full post on UK Business Stories

Shanghai, Guangzhou Limit Home Purchases After Government Curbs

Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Guangzhou, will restrict home purchases after new property curbs by the government aimed at preventing a housing bubble. View full post on Finance Stories

Europe’s leaders at odds over bond plan

Europe’s leaders face fresh splits over how to tackle the eurozone’s crisis after being urged to create a market for joint European government bonds View full post on UK Business Stories

Ireland in debt crisis talks with EU

Officials of debt-burdened Ireland’s government are in talks with other European Union governments about how to handle its troubled finances, but denied they needed a bailout from an EU rescue fund. View full post on Canada Business Stories

Somali Troops Continue Defecting to Insurgents

The Media Line Staff Mogadishu, Somalia (TML) – Crouching behind sandbags, Abdullahi Abdi eyeballed Somali rebels in a nearby trench, his finger on the trigger of his assault rifle and contemplated selling his weapon and deserting. “I do fight on daily basis and no one gives me and my frontline mates any priority,” Abdi complained. […]

Israelis Ready To Do Battle Over Their Natural Gas Bounty

The Media Line Staff Jerusalem, Israel David Rosenberg – Israel’s social activists and its energy barons drew their swords Thursday as the fight over who will get what share of Israel’s natural gas windfall got underway. The lines of battle were laid out by a government commission, chaired by Hebrew University Professor Eytan Sheshinski, which […]

EU threatens to block Chinese bids for public contracts

Europe moves to block Chinese companies bidding for government contracts unless China reciprocates. View full post on UK Business Stories

Libyan Press Crackdown Targets Leader’s Reformist Son

The Media Line Staff Tripoli, Libya David E. Miller – Libyan authorities have detained at least 20 journalists belonging to the Libya Press news agency in Tripoli and Benghazi, in an unusual move apparently aimed at Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi, the son of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. The arrests mark a second assault against the media […]