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Penny Stock World

by inju Penny Stock World Article by Penny Stock Picks Penny stock basics Penny stocks are those targets for speculators to play with.There is no rigid rule that tells us when a stock changes from being regular to penny. It is common to call those trade below $ a penny. We in Pennystock4me consider it […]

The Myth of Automated Day Trading Systems

There is a widespread rumor in the financial community that successful day trading can be manually programmed and automated to produce vast profits for minimal work and input on the part of traders, providing a regular and consistent income by simply setting up a system, clicking a button to turn it on, and walking away. This is NOT true. I myself am just one of the many victims of this ‘automated trading system’ myth.

Understanding the Plug and Play Day Trading System

While there’s some merit to the 4 arrows all lighting green, which cites that the price tendency is all in a single track over several various time-frames, blindly following it’s a horrible day trading system. You can’t properly call yourself a trader if this is your demeanour. You are just a monkey pressing buttons.

Some common Online Trading mistakes made by Day Traders engaged in Forex Currency Trading

Online Trading for a great living standard is probably the number one reason that attracts many day traders to forex currency trading. Day Trading also offers  many benefits that can never be matched by almost any regular jobs out there. But, it is also a deadly trap that many newer traders fall into if they […]