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Automated Stock Trading Robot

by Mike Licht, Automated Stock Trading Robot Article by Vin Hox Automated Stock Trading Robot What is stock trading market? For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Stock Traders are individuals trading stock or bonds (and possibly other assets ) on the financial markets. They generally try to profit from short term price […]

G20 seeks more talks on eurozone crisis

Meeting – possibly before Christmas – would aim to resurrect idea of building an international firewall around Greece View full post on UK Business Stories

Cassidy: Occupy Wall Street just one more hardship for Silicon Valley’s very rich

You think it’s easy being rich these days? Think again. Between the Occupy movement, Warren Buffett, cockamamie Congressional Budget Office reports and the harebrained idea that wealthy people are job creators, having tons of money just isn’t the fun it used to be. View full post on Business Stories

Plan to Leave Euro for Drachma Gains Support in Greece

A vocal minority in Greece that has long called for a return to the drachma might find itself with a growing group of listeners, but any such move remains a drastic idea. View full post on Business Stories

Tapping Employee Ideas

Encouraging your employees’ creativity can not only create an engaging work environment, but create new business. Seven experts share their tips on getting employees to share their ideas. The origin of the humble Post-It Note is perhaps the best-known story about a million-dollar innovation that sprang from an unexpected place within a company. Spencer F. […]

10 Rules For Investing in the Stock Market

For those that wish to enter the stock market, it’s not that difficult. If you are intimidated by unfamiliar stock symbols, stock prices, and investing procedure, here are 10 rules you can follow for investing in the stock market.

Commission casts its net wide

If you want an idea of just how wide the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) intends to cast its intellectual net on what should be done to reform Britain’s financial system, you need only take a look at the back pages of its first report. View full post on UK Business Stories

Buying Cheap Penny Stocks

When investors want to begin small in the stock market, they may find that penny stocks are a good investment – but, are they really? It is may also hold true that, for those investors wanting only to risk a tiny amount of their money, these stocks are a good way to go. Penny stocks can often be purchased at reasonably cheap prices, so there is the possibility of receiving a big return for that tiny initial investment. This is why some investors are attracted to penny stocks.

The Problem is Simple…No One Taught Us How to Make Money

Like a lot of people, I have a college education.  Years ago I planned a career in corporate America and live the middle class American dream.  I was lucky, I fell into the trading business and learned about money.  It wasn’t on purpose, I didn’t suddenly decide that being a trader was a great idea…the […]