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Qatar pledges $4bn to Spanish banks

Qatar is planning to invest $4.14 billion in Spanish savings banks as the industry gears up to raise funds to meet new capital rules. View full post on Banking Stories

U.S. Gaming Revenues To Recover in Late 2011, 2014 Revenues to Reach $68B

Ayinde O. Chase – AHN News Editor New York, NY, United States (AHN) – The gaming industry which has been hard hit in recent years is slated is slated to rebound due to improved economic conditions triggering a recovery in U.S. gaming revenues in late 2011. However 2007 pre-economic meltdown gaming revenue levels will not […]

Fuel prices unchanged a 2nd straight week

Santo Domingo.- The Industry and Commerce Ministry today Friday posted the fuel prices that will be in effect for the week from November 27 to December 2, when premium gasoline will still cost 170.80 pesos and regular 160.50 pesos per gallon. View full post on Business Stories

Gasoline prices unchanged; diesel, propane climb

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Industry and Commerce Ministry posted the fuel prices for the week from November 6 to 12, when premium gasoline will remain unchanged at RD$168.30 and regular at RD$158.00 per gallon. View full post on Business Stories

Economic Outlook: Measure of manufacturing

Purchasing managers’ surveys will indicate the health of industry and offer another test of recovery View full post on Business Stories

Airline conference coming to Las Vegas in 2013

Tourism officials in Las Vegas have approved a deal to bring a big airline industry conference to the United States for the first time in 2013. View full post on Business Stories

So You Want To Buy Penny Stocks

High risk, high reward. Those four words might have been written to define the penny stocks market. And those who are interested in learning to buy penny stocks need to be prepared for the most volatile investments of their lives.

How Not To Get Burned With Hot Penny Stocks

If you could identify hot penny stocks while they are just beginning to warm up, you would have the penny stock trading game licked. Hot penny stocks are those which are poised to appreciate significantly in value in a very short time, and the best way to spot them is to study all the things which influence the way the market values a stock from day to day.

The Art Of Good Penny Stocks

Is the idea of good penny stocks more myth than reality? Are the words “good” and “penny stocks” a contradiction in terms? The reality is that penny stocks are what they are, and the good or bad applied to them depends on who was on the winning and losing end of the trade.