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Irish Corporate Depositors Withdraw Money

Despite the agreed $105 billion (70 billion pounds) bailout for Ireland, trouble continues to hound Dublin as corporate depositors panicked and withdrew their savings. View full post on Banking Stories

Share Prices Of British Banks Dip On News Of Call For Irish Election

AHN News Staff Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom (AHN) – British banks lost a lot of money Tuesday because of the news that the Green party called for a general election in Ireland by end of January. The call for election sparked fears that the government of Prime Minister Brian Cowen might collapse before the $105 […]

Ireland will request EU and IMF bailout package

Ireland will request an EU and IMF bailout of up to £80 billion on Monday as it prepares to unveil a four year programme of steep tax rises and deep spending cuts. View full post on UK Business Stories

Osborne Pledges $10.5 Billion Assistance To Ireland

AHN News Staff Brussels, Belgium (AHN) – Despite Ireland’s insistence that Dublin still has sufficient cash and does not need an international bailout now, British Chancellor George Osborne pledged Wednesday to provide Ireland with $10.5 billion (GBP7 billion) in assistance. Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, but Britain has other reasons to extend […]

Ireland in debt crisis talks with EU

Officials of debt-burdened Ireland’s government are in talks with other European Union governments about how to handle its troubled finances, but denied they needed a bailout from an EU rescue fund. View full post on Canada Business Stories

Ireland strains to bail out its banks

Ireland is paying a heavy price for the reckless mistakes of its banks. Up to €50bn (£43bn) to be precise, or one third of the country’s entire economy. View full post on UK Business Stories