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Las Vegas man hits keno jackpot, turns 40 cents into $100,000

Hector Hernandez used his Black Friday to turn 40 cents into $100,000. View full post on Business Stories

Las Vegas seeks to improve downtown parking

Parking in downtown Las Vegas can often be a confusing and challenging experience, whether it’s finding change for the meter, figuring out where to get a ticket validated or even just finding a spot. View full post on Business Stories

Resolution of land dispute puts solar project back on track

A solar energy project in the desert north of Las Vegas is back on track after resolution of a land-purchase dispute. The lawsuit was dropped Thursday after the parties resolved the dispute and the land was purchased. View full post on Business Stories

Former employees sue homebuilder over alleged age discrimination

Eight sales people terminated from homebuilder Lennar Corp. in 2007 in Las Vegas are suing the company, alleging age discrimination because young, attractive females remained on the payroll. View full post on Business Stories

Former employee sues nightclub operator over alleged harassment

A second former female employee at the Nine Group in Las Vegas is suing the nightclub and restaurant operator, charging that under the prior management she lost her job after complaining of sexual harassment there. View full post on Business Stories

Agencies differ on outlook of CityCenter finances

Two debt-rating services differed today on the outlook for the $8.5 billion CityCenter resort complex on the Las Vegas Strip. View full post on Business Stories

U.S. Gaming Revenues To Recover in Late 2011, 2014 Revenues to Reach $68B

Ayinde O. Chase – AHN News Editor New York, NY, United States (AHN) – The gaming industry which has been hard hit in recent years is slated is slated to rebound due to improved economic conditions triggering a recovery in U.S. gaming revenues in late 2011. However 2007 pre-economic meltdown gaming revenue levels will not […]

2 commercial real estate bankruptcies to bring loan losses

Local and national banks face more loan losses after two more sizable commercial real estate bankruptcies in Las Vegas. View full post on Business Stories

Harrah’s deal to bring digital advertising to ‘high-traffic’ areas

Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. of Las Vegas has plenty of walls on and in its casinos and hotel rooms — and a deal announced today will see more digital advertising displays on those walls. View full post on Business Stories

Slot maker sues competitor alleging patent infringement

Slot machine maker WMS Gaming Inc. on Saturday filed a lawsuit alleging patent infringement against competitor Bally Technologies Inc. of Las Vegas. View full post on Business Stories