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Colorado Pursues Insurance Exchange-But Keeps Fighting About It

The latest skirmish follows the most controversial and contentious fight of the 2011 Colorado legislative session, which was about the so-called exchange bill. The bill said Colorado should move forward with creating an Internet marketplace where people could choose health coverage plans once such insurance is mandated by the federal health care law.  Article © […]

Even After Changing Policies, Some Consumers May Get A Rebate

Are the health insurance rebates that some insurers must pay their members under the health law owed only to those currently covered by a policy, or are they retroactive? My son was covered until March 2012 by a policy he purchased himself. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

Justices Uphold Individual Mandate, Set Limits On Medicaid Expansion

The U.S. Supreme Court today upheld the landmark federal health law, affirming its mandate that nearly all Americans carry coverage and retaining sweeping changes to the health industry. Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. joined the liberals on the court in upholding the mandate, deciding the penalty for not carrying insurance is a tax and therefore […]

Dropping Legal Barriers Doesn’t Guarantee Interstate Insurance Sales

They’ll be OK for sale under a new state law that aims to increase competition and lower prices for health insurance in the state. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

Citigroup shareholders vote down $15 million raise for CEO

Linda Young – AHN News Writer New York, NY, United States (AHN) – Citigroup stockholders voted down a pay increase for the top executive. Under the Dodd-Frank bank reform law, shareholders now have a say in executive pay packages beyond merely selling their shares. This gives a way for shareholders to say that CEOs are […]

Visual artists vie for cut of resale profits

Canadian visual artists are lobbying for an art resale law that would give creators a cut when their artworks are resold for high prices by auction houses and galleries. View full post on Canada Business Stories

DaVita Faces New Investigations

Two law firms started investigations against DaVita Inc. earlier this week regarding the alleged over-billing of Medicare by the company. View full post on Business Stories

Postal workers rally as back-to-work law looms

Locked-out Canada Post workers will be holding several rallies and demonstrations over the weekend as the prospect of back-to-work legislation nears. View full post on Canada Business Stories

Study Finds GOP Plan Would Cut Medicaid Funding By More Than 40% To 8 States

United States (KaiserHealth) – Eight states – including Florida, Colorado and Georgia – would lose more than 40 percent of their federal funding for Medicaid over the next decade under the House Republicans’ plan to repeal the 2010 federal health law and convert Medicaid into a block grant program, according to an analysis of the […]

Assad vows to lift Syrian emergency law

President Bashar al-Assad promises to lift 48 years of emergency law by next week but ignoresd popular demands to curb the security apparatus and dismantle Syria’s authoritarian system View full post on UK Business Stories