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Israel’s Domestic Communications Satellite Industry Saved

The decision to award the construction of Israel’s newest communications satellite to a state-owned company has probably saved the life of the production line and was likely done to preserve independence for defense communications. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

L’Amy teams with fashion house Carven on line of retro sunglasses

In a collaboration with eyewear brand L’Amy, French luxury house Carven is debuting an eyewear line with a fun and stylish collection of round frame flip-up sunglasses. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

Pakistan Keeps Rates on Hold, as Forecast, on Easing Inflation

Pakistan’s central bank kept interest rates unchanged for a second straight meeting, in line with economists’ forecasts, as the inflation rate slowed to a seven-month low. View full post on Finance Stories

Red-Berry Day in Gaza, as Farm Products Leave for Europe

The Media Line Staff Gaza, Palestinian Territory (TML) – Um Hajjar Al-Ghalayini, 46 years old, owns half an acre of sandy Gaza land that produces two tons of strawberries every season. Since her husband died two years ago, the crop is the sole means of support for her nine children, mother-in-law and widowed sister, so […]

Somali Troops Continue Defecting to Insurgents

The Media Line Staff Mogadishu, Somalia (TML) – Crouching behind sandbags, Abdullahi Abdi eyeballed Somali rebels in a nearby trench, his finger on the trigger of his assault rifle and contemplated selling his weapon and deserting. “I do fight on daily basis and no one gives me and my frontline mates any priority,” Abdi complained. […]

Campbell’s Targeted For Boycott By Bloggers

The Media Line Staff Canada Kalindi O’Brien – Months after it began selling minestrone and cream of mushroom soup that meet the dietary requirements of observant Muslims, Campbell’s Soup of Canada finds itself ensnared in the controversy over Islam and Middle East terrorism. A host of bloggers, led by Pamela Geller, who posts on the […]

Israel’s Housing Prices Jumping Through the Roof

The Media Line Staff Tel Aviv, Israel (TML) – Housing prices in Israel are the fastest increasing in the world, says one industry watchdog. The cost of real estate has risen by 30 percent since September 2008 according to Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fisher. Young couples and everyday Israelis are finding it harder to […]

Growing Gulf Dependent On Imported Food

The Media Line Staff Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates The Media Line – Many Gulf countries are investing heavily in foreign farmlands that are more fertile, chiefly in Africa but also India and Pakistan, in a bid to secure a steady food supply. Looking out over the glass and concrete skyscrapers that dominate the skylines […]

Weekly Recap – Sept 24: U.S. Markets

Mitchell Jaworski – AHN News Reporter New York, NY, United States (AHN) – U.S. markets opened higher Friday and remained that way to close with their best daily gain in two weeks. The rise also helped stocks close higher for a fourth consecutive week. Friday’s action was driven by better than expected earnings from shoe […]

Could Northern Iraq become a Popular Tourist Destination for Westerners?

The Media Line Staff Arbil, Iraq (TML) – Ever since Kurds established their own semi-autonomous region in Northern Iraq following the US-led invasion in 2003, the Kurdish leader has been promoting the region as a tourist hot spot, and according recent data it seems to be succeeding. The main city in the region is Erbil. […]