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Markets boosted by bank liquidity move

Rate charged for international access to dollars is slashed in an effort to counter a deepening credit squeeze in the eurozone View full post on UK Business Stories

Treasury 10-Year Yields Rise Most Since July on European Outlook

Treasuries dropped, pushing 10-year note yields up the most in more than two months, after the European Central Bank coordinated with the Federal Reserve and other central banks to maintain liquidity for the euro area’s financial institutions. View full post on Finance Stories

The Penny Stock Problem

Penny stocks, also commonly referred to as small-cap stocks, are loosely defined as a stock with a share price below $5. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines them as such, however, penny stocks are often defined as a stock with a share price below $1 by those in the investor community.

Penny Stocks: The Hype Vs Reality

Penny stock investing is very risk. Although some penny stocks sharply increase in value, most do not.

General Review on Penny Stocks

Generally, any stock that trades outside the major stock exchanges and also that is taken as depreciatory is known as “penny stock.” These major stock exchanges include NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ. Sometimes the terms penny stocks, small caps, and nano caps are brought into use without interchangeably.

Day Trading Basics

A means to survive, an avenue to progress and vista to exchange thoughts, ideas and feelings Trading is perhaps as old as human existence on earth. It all began when the primeval man began swapping small useful items with each other in order to live and fulfill many of his needs…

How to Become a Stock Market Genius

Stock market trading is very popular among investors. However, ups and downs in the market make several investors reluctant to enter the stock market trading. Everyone knows about the potential of stock markets that has the caliber to make anybody millionaire overnight. The game of market pays you extremely well and requires very less time input from you. Even if you are new to the markets, you could become a stock market genius by following some easy tips.

Managed Futures and Hedge Funds

Are you in the market for an alternative investment? If you are one of the prudent investors who is seeking to allocate a portion of assets to strategies not normally employed by the investing public this article is a must read. There are primarily two forms of alternative investment management, hedge funds and managed futures. […]

Clearing Up Myths About Penny Stocks

Learn the truth about penny stocks.