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DealBook: Panel Questions Corzine on MF Global

Jon S. Corzine appeared before the House Agriculture Committee to answer questions about the collapse of his brokerage firm. View full post on Business Stories

RBS faces lawsuit over MF Global collapse

Legal action looms over collapse of MF Global after two pension funds named the bank in a court action claiming misleading statements were made about the broker’s $6.3bn (£3.9bn) exposure to European sovereign debt. View full post on UK Business Stories

MF Global fund probe challenges ‘error’ theory

Company’s books hamper efforts to unravel transfers as authorities seek the whereabouts of a $600m shortfall in customer accounts View full post on UK Business Stories

MF Global fought limits on foreign debt bets

More than a year ago, federal regulators tried to put new limits on the types of risky bets on foreign sovereign debt that brought down Wall Street firm MF Global this week. View full post on Business Stories

Corzine’s Lack of MF Global Controls Exposed With Missing Money

MF Global Holdings Ltd.’s bankruptcy, the eighth-largest in U.S. history, is exposing a lack of internal controls that may have prevented a last-minute rescue of Jon Corzine’s futures broker. View full post on Finance Stories