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U.S. housing starts continue rise in August

Despite the stalled economy, the housing market shows little sign of slowing down as construction on new homes in August increased by 2.3 per cent, driven by single-family home starts that grew at the fastest rate in more than two years indicating that the U.S. real estate market has not yet lost its momentum. Article […]

Business demands growth push in Budget

Business is piling pressure on the UK coalition to deliver a convincing growth strategy in George Osborne’s financial statement in March as fears increase that the recovery may be losing momentum View full post on UK Business Stories

Momentum Trading Of Penny Stocks

Day trading of penny stocks is a high-risk venture with a very high potential for earnings and also a very high potential of loss. This risky activity is not recommended to be done habitually, and it is it not even encouraged. But what do you do if, at a certain point in your stock […]