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U.S. Federal Reserve launches economic stimulus

The U.S. Federal Reserve has announced a widely expected move to stimulate the American economy. View full post on Canada Business Stories

Move to delay UK spending cuts

The Treasury is working on plans to ‘reprofile’ spending cuts next April, spreading the pain of deficit reduction more evenly over the next few years, Whitehall officials have told the FT View full post on UK Business Stories

Penny Stock Picks – Here is The Right Way to Trade Them

There are websites everywhere that make big claims about big gains from penny stock picks. These penny stock alerts newsletters are often right, but just as often they are wrong. You’ve got to be careful whenever you’re trading penny stocks, no matter how hot the tip you got seems to be. Do NOT be a […]

Simple Day Trading Tips

Trading is a very popular investment technique. With the power of the internet, it is now possible for the average person to open an account with a broker and start trading. There are two main ways of trading: long term and short term. Short term trades are entered and closed on the same day and this is called intraday or day trading.