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Obama, Romney offer opposite views on the July jobs report

Friday’s jobs report did not just offer a mixed picture of the U.S. economic recovery — more jobs were added with higher jobless rate — but also an opportunity for President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney to give opposite views of the latest monthly employment figures. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved […]

When Not to Say No to a Buyer

In hindsight, would Groupon have been better off selling to Google then competing with Google Offers? What lessons can business owners learn from this cautionary tale? On the first day of June , both Floyd’s Coffee Shops in Portland, Oregon were busier than usual. The regulars were elbowed out of the way by new customers […]

MGM Resorts raises $486 million with debt offering

Casino company MGM Resorts International says it has raised $486 million through its offer of $500 million in notes priced slightly below face value. View full post on Business Stories

Genzyme Investors Sue Company For Rejecting Sanofi Bid

Kris Alingod – AHN News Contributor Boston, MA, United States (AHN) – Two investors of Genzyme Corp. are suing the biotechnology company for rejecting an $18.5 billion takeover offer from Sanofi Aventis. According to Bloomberg, the investors have filed a lawsuit in a Boston court accusing Genzyme of depriving investors the right to “to receive […]

Vedanta firm on Cairn offer price

Chairman says company won’t extend to retail shareholders the offer made to promoters; price is ‘best and final’ View full post on Business Stories

Indian Railways To Offer Thousands Of Jobs To Americans In The U.S.

Tejinder Singh – AHN News Correspondent Washington, D.C., United States (AHN) – Indian Railways with their expansion program is in the midst of offering thousands of jobs in the United States if all goes according to expectations during U.S. President Barack Obama’s upcoming November visit to India, according to a visiting top-ranking Indian business visionary. […]

Child benefit: there’s plenty of welfare on offer to the Poles

The removal of middle-class child benefit payments is unjust, argues Philip Johnston View full post on UK Business Stories