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Options on Facebook to start trading Tuesday

Diane Alter – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter New York, N.Y., United States (4E) – Just days after Facebook’s less than stellar initial public offering, options on the social networking giant begin trading Tuesday on the NYSE Amex stock exchange. BATS Options Exchange will list options Wednesday. Initial strikes will be from $ 16 to $ […]

Trading Penny Stocks

Trading Penny Stocks What are “penny stocks”? What is penny stock trading all about? Well, a penny stock doesn’t trade for mere pennies these days, although it might trade for less than $ 1 per share. Penny stock trading actually doesn’t have an agreed-upon official definition, but many traders consider penny stocks to be those […]

Red Sox Pick Up 2011 Option On Slugger David Ortiz

Jojo Doria – AHN Sports Contributor Boston, MA, United States (AHN) – The Boston Red Sox have decided Thursday to bring back “Big Papi” David Ortiz and keep him off the market by picking up the sluggers’ $12.5 million option for next season. The decision, which came less than 12 hours before Thursday’s midnight deadline, […]

Pensions not only option for retirement, Lord Hutton warns

Workers should not rely solely on pensions to pay out a decent income for retirement, according to Lord Hutton. View full post on UK Business Stories

All You Want To Know About Stock Market Trading Tips

There are so many investing options that are available for you out in the market but there are only very few choices which would bring you more money in returns. Stock market trading is one such option where there are more possibilities to make more money in a short span of time if you are […]

Option Trading Software: What Will It Really Do for You?

Option Trading Software With all the problems involved with option trading, a lot of traders are on the look out for an automatic remedy to the rat’s nest of complex calculations involved with accomplishing a money-making trade. Forex traders nowadays have forex robot software on hand that makes their trades for them. Now, option traders […]

Learn How to Trade Stock with Online Option

Online Option Stock Trading is it for you? Some Info You Should Know Before You Take The Plunge. The trading of stocks and options has certainly met with a great deal of new enthusiasm as of late. Many people who have never hired a stock broker, or even traded a single stock for that matter, […]

Option Trading – Understanding Options and Risk

When it comes to option trading, the most important lesson to retain is an understanding of what’s actually being traded. The real commodity in any option trading strategy isn’t the underlying stock itself, and it has little to do directly with phrases such as implied volatility, net debit, net credit, strike price, or expiration date. […]