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Fixed income trading brings Goldman in short

The bank has been through the legal and regulatory wringer but its weak performance last quarter came from the heart of the business View full post on UK Business Stories

Kingfisher hit but hopeful

TAX rises and government spending cuts in the UK hit B&Q owner Kingfisher but a strong overseas performance helped it to forecast profits at the top end of hopes. View full post on Business Stories

Catlin profits down a third from disasters

A STRONG underwriting performance helped Lloyd’s of London insurer Catlin shrug off a $218million hit on its annual profits from natural disasters. View full post on Business Stories

British workforces ‘not geared up’ to employ older workers

A study finds a third of people in their fifties battle breathlessness at work, which affects performance. View full post on UK Business Stories

Picking a Performance Penny Stock

The perfect investor would have a functioning crystal ball. As it is, even the best stock pickers in the market are always guessing to some degree. Keep that in mind as you attempt to pick your stocks, and remember to always start small and test the stock‚Äôs performance before you sink more money into it. […]