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Are All Penny Stocks Created Equal?

Amazingly enough, a number of American financial sector stocks were thrown into penny stock realm in the past two weeks. In the past few months, even bigger banks declared bankruptcy.

Things You Should Know Before Investing In Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are stocks that are priced below $5. They are usually traded on Pink Sheets or Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). In order for a company to be listed in Pink Sheets, they must have a broker to quote their share prices. Pink Sheets is not registered by the SEC and is not […]

Penny Stock – Wild Rides on the Pink Coaster!

Would you ride a roller coaster that you know very rarely gets inspected? How about one that has NEVER been inspected? Some might want to take the ride because it’s a cheap ticket. The analogy refers to Penny Stocks on the pink sheets and the wild rides they can create!

Buying Cheap Penny Stocks

When investors want to begin small in the stock market, they may find that penny stocks are a good investment – but, are they really? It is may also hold true that, for those investors wanting only to risk a tiny amount of their money, these stocks are a good way to go. Penny stocks can often be purchased at reasonably cheap prices, so there is the possibility of receiving a big return for that tiny initial investment. This is why some investors are attracted to penny stocks.

Penny Stocks Explained

When you search for the meaning of penny stocks on the internet, you will find many definitions which could leave you confused. It is difficult to find one definition for penny stocks. So we are here to give you one definition that includes the majority of definitions.