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Nicki Minaj Plays Principal for a Day at NYC High School

Heather Doerr – Celebrity News Service Intern New York, NY, United States (AHN Entertainment) – Students at Collins Academy High School got a big surprise last week when Nicki Minaj served as “Principal for the Day.” Minaj signed on to be one of the incentives in the Get MotivatED Challenge, a competition in schools across […]

Sauce shake-up as Heinz plays ketchup

THE term “tomato sauce” could be lost to future Aussies with Heinz advertising ketchup on Australian TV for the first time. View full post on Business Stories

Hot Penny Stocks 2009 > Top Otcbb Micro Cap Picks Alert – Cheap Stocks – Low Float Plays

BY.- A beginner usually feels very attracted to the stock market while for example discovering a penny stock that’s being reported in CNBC or the news program and watching it rise steady fast and make new highs from $1 to $7 in just 2 months. While learning about this successful news story he’s saying […]