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China To Set Tight Monetary Policy

Linda Young – AHN News Writer Beijing, China (AHN) – China announced its intent to tighten its monetary policy in 2011 in a shift from relatively loose to a prudent stance, a sign that it might hike interest rates. In 2008, China responded to the global economic policy by loosening its then tight monetary policy. […]

Philippines To Implement 1995 Pocket Open Skies Policy

AHN News Staff Manila, Metro Manils, Philippines (AHN) – Philippine President Benigno Aquino III said Thursday that Manila will implement a 1995 pocket open skies policy. The policy is spelled out in Executive Order No. 219 issued by former President Fidel Ramos to boost the country’s tourism sector and encourage investments by pushing for a […]

Maiden aviation policy ignores travellers’ grouses

More than one fifth of air passenger complaints last month were of lost baggage followed by rude airline staff, according to data released by the civil aviation ministry. But these two issues are not addressed in the new passenger rights policy. View full post on Business Stories