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Bankrupt Chain Restaurants Are Still Holding On

Kept open by bankrupt chains, zombie restaurants make just enough to cover basic costs, resulting in a glut of eateries chasing after scarce dining dollars. View full post on Business Stories

Yen Intervention Failing as Best Currency Poised to Advance

There’s been no better currency in 2011 than the yen and strategists forecast more gains, even as Japan promises to intervene again in foreign-exchange markets and expands the world’s biggest debt burden. View full post on Finance Stories

Same-sex spouses lose big on taxes

Same-sex spouses are paying as much as $6,000 a year in extra taxes because the federal government doesn’t recognize gay marriage, according to an analysis conducted for CNNMoney by tax specialists. View full post on Business Stories

No Treasury Auctions Set for This Week

No tax-exempt fixed-income issues are scheduled for pricing this week. View full post on Business Stories

Business quiz of the year, 2011

Blunders, bribes, bowing – how much can you recall from an eventful year? View full post on UK Business Stories

Protesters pile pressure on Putin

Pressure on Vladimir Putin mounts as tens of thousands of protesters call for fresh elections View full post on UK Business Stories

Call for QE to stave off euro deflation

‘I would see no reason why such an instrument, tailor-made for the specific characteristics of the euro area, should not be used’ View full post on UK Business Stories

Bank of America to settle Countrywide discrimination suit for $335 million

Bank of America (BoA) will settle a dispute with the U.S. Justice Department stemming from home loan discrimination. Authorities say BoA’s Countrywide unit discriminated against 200,000 African-American and Hispanic borrowers who qualified for prime loans but were nonetheless pushed to sign riskier subprime loans. View full post on Banking Stories

Europe Stocks Drop as ECB Loans Fail to Ease Debt-Crisis Concern

European stocks fell for the first time in three days as lenders sought more funds from the European Central Bank than economists had predicted, reducing optimism that the debt crisis will be contained. View full post on Finance Stories

Asia shares drift lower on Europe concerns

Carmakers lose ground on fears that debt crisis will curb Asian exports to the eurozone View full post on UK Business Stories