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Automated Stock Trading Robot

by Mike Licht, Automated Stock Trading Robot Article by Vin Hox Automated Stock Trading Robot What is stock trading market? For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Stock Traders are individuals trading stock or bonds (and possibly other assets ) on the financial markets. They generally try to profit from short term price […]

Reducing Your Day Trading Risks

Day trading is a highly active trading strategy demanding high vigilance and smart tactics. Day trading is always a high risky trading strategy, and traders should know about these different methods/tactics to limit their trading risks.

Day Trading Rules – Remove Emotion From Your Trading

The extreme complexity of online charting packages and trading tools would have you believe that there has to be a lot of thought taking place in the trading business. The fact is that these tools are used for planning the trade and the whole trading plan, but when the trader places the order there is no more judgment on the markets. It is all down to your day trading rules.

Forex Day Trading – Why Day Traders NEVER Win Long Term

If you are new to Forex trading you may consider day trading but beware of the fact that day traders ALWAYS lose for the following reason:

Day Trading Stock Picks

Day trading stock picks are the best stock deals that are available for day trading. Awareness regarding day trading stock picks allows a day trader to gain maximum returns from the market. The day trader has to capitalize on intra-day price volatility in the most active stocks to reap a regular profit from the stock market.