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Fuel prices unchanged a 2nd straight week

Santo Domingo.- The Industry and Commerce Ministry today Friday posted the fuel prices that will be in effect for the week from November 27 to December 2, when premium gasoline will still cost 170.80 pesos and regular 160.50 pesos per gallon. View full post on Business Stories

Share Prices Of British Banks Dip On News Of Call For Irish Election

AHN News Staff Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom (AHN) – British banks lost a lot of money Tuesday because of the news that the Green party called for a general election in Ireland by end of January. The call for election sparked fears that the government of Prime Minister Brian Cowen might collapse before the $105 […]

Commodities Prices Fall On Chinese Interest Rates Fears

Linda Young – AHN News Writer New York, NY, United States (AHN) – Commodities prices for precious metals, oil and agricultural raw materials took the hardest fall in 18 months on news that China might take steps to avert inflation. Prices of commodities futures fell by up to 3.8 percent on news that China’s central […]

Gasoline prices unchanged; diesel, propane climb

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Industry and Commerce Ministry posted the fuel prices for the week from November 6 to 12, when premium gasoline will remain unchanged at RD$168.30 and regular at RD$158.00 per gallon. View full post on Business Stories

Israel’s Housing Prices Jumping Through the Roof

The Media Line Staff Tel Aviv, Israel (TML) – Housing prices in Israel are the fastest increasing in the world, says one industry watchdog. The cost of real estate has risen by 30 percent since September 2008 according to Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fisher. Young couples and everyday Israelis are finding it harder to […]

All fuel prices climb

Santo Domingo.- For the week from September 18 to 24 premium gasoline will cost RD$163.20, a RD$2.10 rise, and rises RD$2.80 to RD$154.60 per gallon View full post on Business Stories

Prices on the Penny Stock Market

Be aware that penny stocks, because of their quick trading and fluid nature, may be inaccurately quoted to you by both companies and brokers. While it is certain that much technically criminal activity occurs in the penny stock market, much of it is difficult to catch and often goes unpunished, so it’s up to smart […]