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Iceland to repay Britain $3.45 billion debt due to Icesave Bank failure

Iceland will start repaying a $3.45 billion (EUR 2.6 billion) from Britain in 2016. Reykjavik owed the amount to London after the online Icesave Bank failed two years ago. View full post on Banking Stories

Chrysler To Repay Bailout Loans Before 2013

AHN News Staff Detroit, Michigan, United States (AHN) – Despite the slow recovery of Chrysler Group from the auto slump compared to Ford and General Motors, the company said it plans to repay its loans to the U.S. and Canadian governments before 2013. The settlement of the debt would allow Fiat SpA, which operates Chrysler, […]

AIG planning to repay US taxpayer

Bailed-out insurer AIG plans to move ahead with the process of paying back US taxpayer cash. View full post on Business Stories