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Android-powered smartphones dominated market in second quarter

According to the International Data Corporation, the Android operating system dominated Apple’s iOS operating system in the smartphone market during the second quarter. The research firm reported that the Apple iOS-powered iPhones shipped more than 26 million units while Android-powered smartphones shipped 104.8 million units. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And […]

Daytrading Penny Stocks Made Simple

by juicyrai Daytrading Penny Stocks Made Simple Article by Stock Robot Daytrading Penny Stocks Made Simple Because of so many people searching for the stock exchange in an effort to earn money, it really is vital that you take a while and extremely learn your work prior to going diving into something you are truly […]

5 Secrets to Wealth in Penny Stock Investing

I know people who’ve made millions from one penny stock investment. It’s absolutely amazing. But, like all things having to do with trading and the stock market, it has its risks. If you understand and work to minimize those risks you might too be able to brag about making serious money off of penny stocks.

RIM shares slide after PlayBook unveiled

Shares in BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion have fallen as much as 4.4 per cent, the day after the company revealed its new PlayBook tablet in San Francisco. View full post on Canada Business Stories

David Cohen Leads Investor’s Through The Web’s Best Online Penny Stock Newsletter

Knowledge is power, especially when you’re buying and trading stocks. It’s just as important to know a company inside out as it is to know the market. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of penny stocks, where low-value stocks can rapidly expand in value, sometimes becoming some of the most highly profitable stocks […]

Research Driven Investor Number 1 Online Stock Newsletter

An unprecedented knowledge of penny stocks and a solid background in the finance has built a firm foundation for one of the most unique services available for investors on the internet. Small cap investors and penny stock enthusiasts alike will benefit from a subscription to this one of a kind stock newsletter. With the available […]

‘Great Recession’ over, panel says

The “Great Recession” has ended. That’s the word from the private research organization that calls the beginnings and endings of recessions, the National Bureau of Economic Research. View full post on Business Stories

Report: Brazil’s IT Spending To Hit $101.3 Billion In 2010

Jeehan Fernandez – AHN News Writer Sao Paulo, Brazil (AHN) – End-user spending in Brazil for information technology services is expected to reach $101.3 billion in 2010, according to Gartner, Inc., a leading IT research and advisory firm. “Representing 9.6 percent of the country’s real gross domestic product (GDP), this IT-spending-to-real-GDP-ratio is above the average […]

Day Trading Stock Pick – How Do the Pros Find a Winner?

If you’re curious about investing and looking for a day trading stock pick, today we’re looking at which picks the pros like. Here’s a rundown of what makes the best day traders successful!

How to Find Penny Stocks to Watch

Many people are trying to take advantage of some of the most recent changes in the stock market to develop their portfolio and make back some of the money that they lost in the past few years. You have may heard a few things about over the counter and pink sheets penny stocks, also called micro stocks or penny shares, and wondered what they were, how they are traded, and how to find penny stocks to watch.