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MR Capital sees opportunities in Chinese ‘reverse takeover’ companies

Hedge fund manager MR Capital Management said on Tuesday that the current mispricing on Chinese reverse takeover companies still offer opportunity to investors but due diligence must be conducted before investing in such firms. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

Making Money From Buying Penny Stocks

by United Way of the Lower Mainland Making Money From Buying Penny Stocks Article by Buy Stocks Penny stock trading is not only about what to look for when buying penny stocks its also about what to avoid when buying these stocks. When buying penny stocks you will begin reading and screening for certain types […]

How to Pick Hot Reverse Merger Penny Stocks

Product DescriptionDescribes how to find, analyze and trade low-priced stocks with the potential for reverse mergers. These stocks offer the potential for huge and rapid price appreciation. Written by a former market maker turned investment banker. Numerous examples, easy to use tips, and secrets of a Wall Street insider…. More >> How to Pick Hot […]