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3 Successful Online Penny Stock Trading Rules

No one can logically debate that penny stocks aren’t a source of great profit. Over the course of time many people, including myself, have made money trading penny stocks. And so can you. However, it’s first important to lay a proper foundation for the future. For starters, here are three successful online penny stock trading […]

Day Trading and the Pattern Day Trader Rule

Flipping in and out of stock may be a great way to scrape small profits off price dips and swells, but unless your stock portfolio account has an equity and cash position of at least $25,000, you will run afoul of the pattern day trader rule. The pattern day trader rule limits your ability to buy and sell the same stock in the same trading day, unless your account portfolio has a cash and stock value of at least $25,000. This is just one additional hurdle you need to jump.