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Scientists complain Gulf research funds being delayed

It’s taking far too long to dole out millions in BP funds for oil spill studies, researchers say, and it may be too late to assess the impact. View full post on Business Stories

Houston company aids Louisiana oil slick cleanup

A Houston company is helping the Coast Guard clean up oil that has reached the shores of Louisiana even though the company on Wednesday disavowed responsibility for the spill. View full post on Business Stories

Enbridge Claims Oil Spill Contained

Jeehan Fernandez – AHN News Writer Romeoville, IL, United States (AHN) – Enbridge Energy Partners claims it has contained the spread of oil spill following the progress of clean-up efforts in response to damage caused by leaked pipeline that occurred on Line 6A of Lakehead System in Romeoville, Illinois on Sept. 9. “Crews worked through […]