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The Basics On Stock Trading

The Basics On Stock Trading Article by The Sky Man The most common picture that comes to mind when people hear about stock trading and forex is the one we see in movies where men in suits basically shout and wrestle each other in some huge New York building to argue about money. The concept […]

Goldman Sachs to launch stock market in Canada

Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs says it will bring its dark pool stock market system, SIGMA X, to Canada at an unspecified date. View full post on Canada Business Stories

Birinyi’s Rubin Leads Managers Forecasting Second-Half Recovery

Birinyi Associates Inc.’s Jeffrey Yale Rubin said his firm is bullish on equities this year, leading managers expressing optimism that six straight weeks of declines in the stock market and weak economic data will be reversed in the second half. View full post on Finance Stories

GM roars back to stock market in $20bn float

General Motors returns to the stock market today in the biggest flotation in Wall Street history, capping a remarkable comeback for the carmaker. View full post on UK Business Stories

Learn About Stock Market Simulators

Some people compare stock trading to gambling; however, knowledgeable investors know that the two have very little similarities. They also know that stock trading is not a simple process of buying and selling shares. The only way to earn a profit on the stock-market is by creating a viable strategy.

Stock Market Mission Statement

You must have a stock market mission statement before you begin trading. A lack of a proper mission statement will lead to all sorts of problems. A typical stock market mission statement will include the following points.